Ethical Search Engine Optimization for Google, Yahoo and Bing

At we believe in a purely ethical approach to Search Engine Optimization.  That means we believe that the best approach to getting your site recognized by the search engines is to follow their advice and not to use any gimmicks or shortcuts.

Many people ask us:

If I don’t use any short cuts to gain search engine positions, then aren’t I giving up on immediate return – in other words cash in our pocket?

Our Response:

Well, that may be true to a limited extent, however, A. you aren’t losing that much in terms of time anyway, especially because the natural time delays built in by most search engines, including Google. B. If you plan to be in business for more than a year, then you’re probably taking an unreasonably high risk by trying to ‘game’ the system – meaning that you’ll likely get caught, then pushed to the bottom of the pile again (or at least sufficiently low to kill your organic search traffic).

On the other hand, if you follow best practices and strive for ethical SEO in your search marketing efforts you’ll most likely get a long term reward that won’t get knocked with every algorithm update.  You’ll therefore realize a much higher ROI for the money and time you are investing in SEO.

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